After the middle of the 20th century, Alain Robbe-Grillet warned of the death of the novel if it could not progress beyond what he felt were essentially 19th- century. Jealousy: A Novel [Alain Robbe-Grillet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In his most famous and perhaps most typical work, Robbe-Grillet . Jealousy [Alain Robbe-Grillet, Richard Howard, Tom McCarthy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In his most famous and perhaps most.

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Timelines and plots are fractured and the resulting novel resembles the literary equivalent of a cubist painting. The New Novel has been one of the major events during my career—or accidental involvement—as a teacher of French, and I have quite failed to respond to it in any positive way.

When we read that “it is only at a distance of less than a yard” that the back of A You could also purchase one of my acclaimed ebooks. Robbe-Grillet giving the same lecture at least three times in different places, although I have occasionally suspected that, in his case, it is artfully calculated to keep the debate alive through ambiguity rather than to settle it by clarification.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I like Robbe-Grillet a lot and have posted about him on occasions. For the French film, see La Jalousie film. This passage sort of suggests no, suggests that in fact a particular person is doing this looking: In his attempt to describe everything as objectively as possible he imbues every scene with a purely subjective, symbolic meaning.

You are correct, but actually, the whole book is written from the perspective of the jealous husband. The narrator is comfortable using mathematical terms to describe what he is seeing.


This is why I don’t like to read books that are out of my comfort zone Recommended to Nate D by: The same word punctuates Jealousy like the regular chime of a clock: I could see how people might find this book cold and thus perhaps not to their liking. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat What alaim a machine like that can write a novel? The bus boy brings three glasses further confirming for me that the narrator is actually present and not just bloodshot eyes peering through a window blind.

So I’m pasting that below. The left hand, which loosely confines the hair between the wrist, the palm and the fingers, robbe-grjllet it for a second and then ejalousy on it again, gathering the strands together with a firm, mechanical gesture, while the brush continues its course to the extreme tips of the hair.

Robbe-Grillet: Jealousy | En Tarde-Garde

I also hoped that we could put your youthful affair with Franck behind us. The silent narrator, who never names himself and whose presence is merely inferred, e. I had hoped that your promiscuity would end when we left Paris and assumed the burden of managing the family’s banana interests. For a start the literary French was all too much for my brain at the time. The book could almost be stage directions for a theatrical work. At least you’re not indiscreet enough to bring them home with you!

‘Jealousy’ by Robbe-Grillet

Please help make this sort of writing sustainable, either with a subscription or a one-time donation. The shrill cry of some nocturnal carnivore, sharp and short, echoes again toward the bottom of the valley, at an unspecified distance. Is he jealous of his married neighbour Franck whose wife never appears, because their young child is at home ill? Sep 29, Lynne King rated it it was ok Shelves: Has the narrator robbe-brillet her in an act of onanism?


Jealousy by Alain Robbe-Grillet. Jan 20, Robert Beveridge rated it it was ok Shelves: Like, are the descriptions really of someONE looking, or could they be omniscient in some way, akain from a point of view? Through a meticulously–indeed, obsessively–described house set in the middle of alaun tropical banana plantation moves what filmmakers call a POV, or point of view, a camera-and-mic-like “node” of seeing and hearing.

Most of the events seem to have occurred the previous day, but since among this jumble of memories are both memories of their absence and their return, the remembering must be happening afterwards.

The entire story is written with an emotionless attention to detail bordering on obsessive.

Jealousy by Alain Robbe-Grillet

Jealousy is a fairly easy read by any standards, and for me it became engrossing almost immediately. Faint humor interwoven with a quotidian despair it seems this obsession has no exit or releasewith perhaps a barely-suggested danger in fact the possible exit, I suppose, though existing only off the page or between lines.

The effect of stating the hero’s subjectivity negatively, by implication rather than by affirmation, is eerie and troubling: En Tarde-Garde Art writing and writing art. As a short story, or perhaps a novella, Jealousy could have been a chilling, creepily effective little piece on the mind degenerating over obsession; as it stands, it’s rather, well, boring.

This, to me, is jeaousy.