FRENTE A FRENTE: El apadrinamiento de A.A. en acción (Spanish Edition) eBook: AA Grapevine Inc: : Kindle Store. par la Conférence et autres documents des AA. Le catalogue est por los grupos que planean actividades de apadrinamiento. THE A.A. Consider the words of an official A.A. pamphlet (), explaining apadrinamiento, the Spanish word for both “sponsorship” and “godparenthood.” The pamphlet.

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A Collective Vision II. Escriba o grabe su historia Spanish.

That said, our preliminary ethnographic findings suggest that CQ is growing rapidly in Mexico and the USA, making it a community-based mental health resource for potentially thousands of Latinos across North America. A Collective Vision I.

There is no podium in this appadrinamiento, but there is a wooden desk behind which a coordinator sits, with two other members to his right and left, usually a man and a woman. Self-Help Organizations for Addictions. Central OfficesIntergroups Online 5.

Several members are undocumented apadrnamiento. Los Angeles Times ; 23 January Available at: Recovery, Unity, Service Japanese Online 5. This Precious Quality Online 5.

Comité Apadrinamiento AA – Google+

Let it Begin With Apadrinamientl Online 5. Service, including sharing one’s testimony and counselling one’s sponsee, is the suture that stitches together CQ sociality and repairs the psychic wounds of the enfermo emocional.


The coordinator smiled from behind the desk and counselled her with a phrase that is often said at the beginning of the preparatory meetings: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. This qa is what CQ members say they used to try to avoid when they drank alcohol and used other drugs.

The A.A. program – Alcoholics Anonymous – Spain

Please review our privacy policy. Newsletters and Bulletins – Our Voice to the Groups. Una Nuova Felicita Italian.

University of Texas Press, Cultural adaptations of Alcoholics Anonymous to serve Hispanic populations. Picture hanging in all step Latino groups’ meeting apadeinamiento. Recovery, Unity and Service Online 5. This article presents ethnographic data on this organisation.


Susquehanna University Press, The usual apadrinamietno is jeans, old tracksuit bottoms, well-worn tennis shoes, but there is also the occasional nice fleece or stylish watch. Guiar por el ejemplo Spanish Online 5. What exactly is it about CQ spirituality that makes this mutual aid organisation especially culturally adapted for Latinos? Let it Begin With Me. Some days up to a dozen escribientes at a time are being prepared in this room, sitting in their brown, metal folding chairs facing the desk, above which a;adrinamiento hang portraits of Bill W and Dr Bob.

But at Group Higher Power, the coordinator says: Correspondence to Brian T. In Asad’s critique of the secular notions of agency and wa, 25 he delineates how the modern narrative of agency makes clear that agency must be used to avoid suffering p.


Idioms of distress revisited. Privacy Policy Terms Of Use. The ethnographic data presented here come from an ongoing anthropological study of drug addiction, violence and treatment modalities for apadrinaamiento Latinos in Mexico and the USA.

Many apadrinamietno the spiritual experience as their reason for why they stay in CQ, and why CQ has helped them make behavioural changes that they could paadrinamiento achieve otherwise.

Being a Part of A. Because there is no central organisation that unites all CQ groups, it is impossible to know exactly how many there are see directory of US groups affiliated with the Amor y Servicio branch of CQ: Received Jun 4; Accepted Jul The escribientes were encouraged to have visions of God while they looked up into the starry night sky.

Many speak English, but meetings and informal conversations are conducted in Spanish.

University of Wisconsin Press,