Note that relevant formatting guidelines may have already been established. Please check this Index’s discussion page. Imbox Aryabhatiya of Aryabhata, English In Kern published at Leiden a text called the Āryabhatīya which claims to be the work. “warrior,” and bhatta means “learned man,” “scholar.” Āryabhatta is the spelling which would naturally be expected. However, all the metrical.

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Dasagitika or the Ten Giti Stanzas. Problems on meeting of travellers occur in Bakhshali Manuscript and later works. Moreover, a yuga is taken to be composed of 4 smaller yugas bearing the names Krta, Treta, Dvapara and Kali.

A day of Brahma or a Kalpa is equal to translatio period of 14 Manns, and the period of one Manu is equal to 72 yugas. See their introduction p. The Columbia Encyclopedia 6 ed. Although the Sisya-dht-vrddhida claims to set forth the teach- ings of the Aryabhattya, tbe impact of the teachings of Brahmagupta on this work is also visible. Having paid obeisance to God Brahma -who is one and many, the real God, the Supreme Brahman – Aryabhata sets forth the three, viz.

In addition, some versions cite a few aryabhatuya added at the end, extolling the virtues of the work, etc. The positions and periods of the planets was calculated relative to uniformly moving points. In the conclu- ding stanza, he calls the work Aryabhatiya ‘A composition of Aryabhata’ after his own name.

It is hoped that they would prove useful to the reader, 9. In the final section, the “Gola” or “The Sphere,” Aryabhata goes into great detail describing the celestial relationship between the Earth and the cosmos.


The beginnings of the yuga.

But if the intention was that of stating that the product of the quotient and an assumed number, and the difference between the remainders, are to be added below the quotients to form a chain the thought is expressed in a very curious way. May God Visnu, the crest-jewel of the Hasti-giri i. The later Hindu astronomers have followed Aryabhata I in taking variable epicycles. It is possible that computation may have been made on a board ruled into columns.

Bhaskara I has called him Acarya ‘Learned Teacher’ and Sarva-siddhnnta-guru ‘teacher of all systems of astronomy’ or ‘well versed in all systems of astronomy’. Aryabhata’s works xxiii 6. Ilce descri bed by a planet in a yuga revolution-number of that planet This is how the lengths of the orbits of the various planets stated above have been obtained. The use of ablative in yathoktebhyah is meant to indicate that in rinding the manda anomaly the longitude of the apogee is to be subtracted from the longitude of the planet.

They are much better than those given by the earlier astronomers. The cause of rising and setting [is that] the sphere of the stars together with the planets [apparently? Views Read Edit View history. Of these pupils of Aryabhafa I, Lafa- deva is the most important and deserves special notice.

Aryabhata – Wikipedia

adyabhatiya This is the first Rsine. Effort has been directed towards giving, as far as possible, a literal version of the text in English. Divide the upper number by the abraded greater number and the lower number by the abraded smaller number. Ganguly finds justification for this interpretation p.


When Arabic writers translated his works from Sanskrit into Arabic, they referred it as jiba. Cf KK, I, iii. This is in keeping with the practice followed by eng,ish commen- tators.


The date of the ms. See, opening lines of Nilakantha’s comm. No yranslation is made between long and short vowels. Index of Half- verses and Key passages. It lies in the midst of malarious jungles and rugged hills on the northernmost plateau of the Nallamalais, overlooking a deep gorge through which flows the Krishna river.

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Here and elsewhere in the Dasagitika words are used in their stem form without declensional endings. Many commonplaces and many simple processes are taken for granted. Whatever the meaning may be, the passage is of no consequence for zryabhatiya numbers actually dealt with by Aryabhata in this treatise.

However, as shown by Thibaut [10] and Kharegat, [11] there is a close connection between Aryabhata and the old Suryasiddhanta. There are several uncertainties about this text. Bhaskara I has prescribed the following rule. It has been mentioned by Jinabhadra Gani a A. Kommissionsverlag Leeman AG, Following BhSskara I, we explain the method implied in the above stanza by solving three examples. The pyramid surrounding it reaches a height of feet.

No date or scribe has been mentioned.