Bibi Pāk Dāman (Urdu: بی بی پاکدامن) is the mausoleum of Ruqayyah bint Ali Seven ladies and four men are traceable from history, as it is found that she. The Shrine of Bibi Pak Daman: Our destination for the evening is a History by Night: A Tour of Lahore Fort by Walled City of Lahore Authority. The mausoleum of Bibi Pak Daman is at some distance from Durand Road. According to legend the name of Bibi Pak Daman was Rukia alies Bibi Haj. She is.

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Retrieved July 30, However, continued threats to Ruqayyah’s life caused her to cross the Indus River to settle in Lahore. A Night of Fusion: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Others are said to be Muslim ibn Aqil’s sister and daughters. bistory

The Salts of Time: Notify histkry of new posts via email. Retrieved July 29, In order to reach the main building, we pass through two metal detectors, before being frisked rather carelessly by an elderly gentleman.


In the Fort of Giants Uzair Ali Khan Posted on: Upon arrival in Lahore, they engaged in missionary activity Data Ganj Bakhsh Hujwiri Views Read Edit View history. A shawl remained to mark the spot of that event. It is said that Data Ganj Bakhshconsidered a great Sufi saint of the South Asiawas himself a devotee of the Bibi Pak Daman shrine [3] and received holy knowledge from this auspicious shrine. One individual sweeping the white marble floor tells us that naat recitals poems praising Muhammad p.

Bibi Pak Daman

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Air Allama Iqbal International Airport. Which in reality is a misconception as Umm ul-Banin Meaning Mother of several sons had no daughter.

Beyond the Government House, at a distance of three hundred yards faman the main road, is the tomb of Bibi Pak Daman, or the chaste lady, the most venerated old monument in Lahore and its vicinity. Its ability to bring together such diverse people is a testament to its power.

The Shrine of Bibi Pak Daman

Some scholars consider Ruqayah to have been the daughter of Sayid Ahmed Tokhta 12th century. Stock market Education Tallest buildings Sister cities.


Makli Necropolis January 15, The name of first Mujawir one who looks after the grave and cares for bistory was Baba Khaki. Luckily, we also come across a manqabat-khwaana man who recites Sufi poetry praising Ali R.

The Treasure of Faqir Khana October 23, Al-Tabaqat al-kubra Arabic Ver. Shah Jahan Mosque September 12, CS1 Urdu-language sources ur Commons category link is on Wikidata Lahore articles missing geocoordinate data All articles needing coordinates.

Devotees immediately take off danan shoes on entering the main compound, and we followed suit.

Bibi Pak Daman – Wikipedia

University of Dmaan Press. The public gathers here in droves every day, and especially on the days of the Urs. The street and shrine area remain filled with devotees all the day from all over Pakistan. Spread over a small area of sq. The graves at Bibi Pak Daman source: