Cathedral has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: In the early ’80s a group of Irish terrorists seize St. Patrick’s Cathedral and take hostages d. Cathedral is a novel by American author, Nelson DeMille. The novel involves the seizing of St. Patrick’s Cathedral by members of the Irish Republican . Cathedral by Nelson DeMille – book cover, description, publication history.

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More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Cathedral. Cathedral features neither, unfortunately. She felt her legs begin to shake. Top that off with a few of the characters al This was my least favorite Nelson DeMille book. While creating a believable scenario in which politics play a large part, he also delivers some great action although it does seem to take too long to finally get to the final showdown.

May 23, Kay Wahrsager rated it it was ok. This section contains words approx. And it’s just not. It dates from and I enjoyed reading the names of places that I used to know cathsdral that era that are long since gone. Served with Harding and Shelby. View all 4 comments.

Cathedral (novel) – Wikipedia

Fourteen demille moving quickly to the seven windows that faced Cathedral’s towers and starts firing. Her buttocks hurt so much that she would almost rather have remained standing.

What the hell does that mean exactly? Did it happen, or not, who was the mysterious priest who just seemed to disappear, and what ever did happen to that ring? Ultimately, I think the message of the book was that there are no real winners in these types of idealogical battles of will and politics, only losers.

There are many factors, but the primary amoung them is as Mark Twain says, “The difference between a write word and the wrong one is the difference between the lightning and a light fly” that every word, sentence and page supports its predecessors as well as its successors. Return to Book Page. Patrick’s Cathedral on St. She knew she would hit only their backs from that range, but she couldn’t bring herself to move closer for a head shot. An entertaining read, especially if you like thrillers about the IRA.


The younger man, Private Harding, cleared his throat. Some scenes have stayed with me all these years, especially the mounted police officer charging up the cathedral steps on his horse as the doors are being closed and barred. She saw a young priest trying to calm a group of people. Sheila could not bear to get close enough for a head shot so Liam had to deliver the final bullets.

Cathedral Summary & Study Guide

So why don’t you let me work out who did what to whom? On the way, she throws the pistol out the window.

DeMille fans should recognize some early versions of characters. The hostages face death. He said, “Let’s assume that drmille escape the hangman’s noose. Sheila Malone and George Sullivan walked quickly to the car waiting off the lane and climbed in behind the driver, Rory Devane, and the courier, Tommy Fitzgerald. They passed the outdoor privy they had walked to every morning and every evening for two weeks and kept walking demmille the ravine near the cottage.

Ewbank rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m afraid she may be in trouble now as well. Want to Read saving….

It was also interesting to see the varying responses of the police and politicians, cathdral to follow the process of conflict resolution that followed a course more j tended to make the participants look good than actually honestly address the issues in the most appropriate, logical way. This wasn’t a Corey book, but it was classic DeMille! Get Cathedral from Amazon. Patrick’s Day parade — and no spoiler, it’s obvious they seize St.

Voices called insults at the British soldiers and the Royal Ulster Constabulary who were assisting them. The point is that my reports says a demille and nslson were found, and in Ulster there is not a great deal of difference between the charges and the realities.


Preview — Cathedral by Nelson DeMille. Foreign Titles Available In: An officer with a swagger stick pointed to an open door, and the soldiers pushed her nelsoh the floor of a small room and shut the door as they left. Being the only ones who had read it, we were also able to take a bit of poetic licence when answering the questions until our English teacher caught on and read the book herself.

The cops face a booby-trapped, perfectly laid out killing zone inside the church. However, while trying to make him somewhat sympathetic, DeMille creates a muddle around the character in which his true motivations get lost throughout the story. If cathedrl were stopped at a roadblock and the Royal Ulster Constabulary found the letters … She opened the window and threw her pistol out, then let the letters sail into the wind.

Way too many characters.

Sergeant Shelby took the younger man’s arm and tried to grip it, but there was no strength in his hand. There is John Hickey, who staged his own death and funeral and is the one that wants to die in the Cathedral explosion. Riveting Fully developed characters.

Cathedral | Nelson DeMille

At the end of the gauntlet two soldiers picked her up and pushed her into a long Nissen hut. Jul 13, Barbara rated it it was amazing. Flynn faces his own demons, in an electrifying duel of nerves, honor and betrayal The cathedral doors are slammed shut and the band of Nelso set bombs at the doors, and at key structural support positions in the cathedral.