Préampli-Processeur CHORD DSP R VENDU TRÈS RARE! Préampli processeur exceptionnel en HC et, fait beaucoup plus rare. Chord dsp r preamp / surround controller, boxed. CHORD DSP R preamp/ surround controller. with dts and dolby 2 surround. Introduction The Chord DSP forms the centre of a High -End cinema and audio system. The DSP decodes Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS-ES and has the.

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Trigger 2 polarity See Trigger 1 polarity. There are several actions that you can choose to cause the trigger.

If the selected source does have a component video connection then you must assign this setting the a value from 1 to 3 depending on which set of component video inputs you are using. The audio can be delayed by up to dsp800r up to a sample rate of 48kHz and 0 — 70ms at up to 96kHz in single millisecond steps. This is only used when no video signal is present. Lipsync delay Preset This setting calls up any one of the 5 five presets and its currently saved levels.

DSP 8000 AV Processor

Whilst the DSP is in zone status mode, you may make changes to the zone settings. Use a sound pressure level SPL meter at the normal listening position to measure the level of each loudspeaker tone.

This is done to keep the highest quality signal for component replay.

The selected digital source signal is fed to this output as a digital audio optical signal. Balanced connections provide a better quality audio signal than unbalanced connections. Treble This setting allows you to control the level of the treble for the selected preset. Source There are ten available input sources, numbered from 1 to See the tape monitor section of this manual for more information.


Press and hold this button to increase the volume more rapidly.

MENU This button is used to enter and exit the main menu of the set -up menus. This is to ensure that the chassis metalwork of each item is connected together. The interconnecting cables you use will depend on the available input and output sockets on your other equipment.

Otherwise these trigger outputs may be damaged. As digital signals they are then ready to be decoded or post-processed by the chodr. Their default names and the order in which they appear are listed below. To increase the volume or increase parameter settings in the user interface menus, turn the volume knob clockwise. Video format This setting determines which type of video input you are using.

吏„?•?œ ?„濡œ GLV – Create arts through technology!

Use the left and right cursor LCD touch pads or front panel buttons to adjust the gain setting so that the signal never clips. Of course you can also use the remote control cursor up? This mechanical button is used to return to the main menu vsp8000r the remote control where the menus of other Chord products may be accessed.


This processing mode will copy the left and right channels to the left and chrd surround channels.

This setting overrides the Treble setting in the Tone Setup. With the three 12VDC triggers and the RS interface the use of the DSP in a home automation system adds to its already long list of features and advantages over the compet ition. Each time the button is pressed the selected input source will be incremented by one. There are two main types of audio connections on the DSP ; analogue audio connections and digital audio connections. This RS port is also configured to be used for upgrading the operating software that the DSP runs on.

DSP AV Processor |

You can use these inputs to connect in a number of configurations including mono, stereo, 5. When it is used to exit the menus, the current settings are saved.

The volume knob also acts as a push button. The DSP accepts up to six digital input sources, ten line level input sources, a tape loop and two additional record outputs. Play in some music from your input source and see if the signal clips on the meter on the screen.

Each speaker can be set to be between 0 feet 0.