Holy Pascha: Order of Holy Week Services in the Coptic Orthodox Church. This book contains the text and rites of one of the most holiest seasons in the Coptic. Arguably the holiest week of the year, known simply as “Holy Week” or maybe more preferably “Pascha (aka Passover) Week” is upon us, with. How to Benefit from Pascha Week by Pope Shenouda III- The Great Lent & Holy Week – Coptic Orthodox Feasts < Saint Takla Haymanot Website - Alexandria.

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Bishop Youssef, many extra readings and homilies were noted within the more modern Pacha books – some with questionable voptic. We lose all the spiritual depth that we gained inside church.

The words chanted are:. Furthermore, the Psalms and Old Testament English translations are pscha from the Orthodox Study Bible with permission from Conciliar Press staying consistent with the Orthodox-sanctioned Septuagint text. Feeling ready for the big leagues? The sixth hour is where we finally read the parable of the five wise and foolish virgins. Coptic Reader also contains nearly all of the liturgical publications for the Coptic Orthodox Church in one application. Can we say with St.


Augustine agrees with St. Anthony monastery in Egypt when I had the blessing of visiting. The best place by far to follow along with Pascha services is in Coptic Reader. You are commenting using your Facebook account. No trivia or quizzes yet. Did you know that both the Coptic Church as well as the Eastern Orthodox share the same theme for those days? ABOUT ME I am a Coptic mom and tasoni priest’s wife who, as a sidekick to my superhero husband, helps Orthodox believers navigate this fallen world and build a trusting relationship with God and a loving one with their neighbors.


The Coptic Church readings weaves the theme of the Christ as our Bridegroom throughout several of the readings, by expressing the dichotomy between preparedness for our union and the wisdom of such preparedness, and the lack of preparedness along with the eternal consequences of such foolishness.

The Holy Pascha: Order of Holy Week Services in the Coptic Orthodox Church

And during the “general funeral” afterwards, consider yourself attending your own funeral because during this week the church will not hold funeral services. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. During our regular fasting days, we put the words of the Bible before us, “Consecrate a fast, call a sacred assembly ” Joel 1: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Is your church trying to incorporate more English?

To understand further, we must turn to what can be considered the foundational passage of this theme: This version is unique in many ways; it is the first version to include Coptic, English, and Arabic texts that are readable, coherent, and easy to understand.

Pqscha week, we commemorate the events of Holy Week:. It only comes once a year, and you only get so many in your lifetime. How much more then should we apply this commandment during Holy Week? This application automatically calculates the appropriate hymns, readings, and rites that are appropriate for the set day, thus giving the user an effortless experience. Wednesday and Cooptic Eve Focus: Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window.

On Palm Sunday, ask yourself: Al-Safawy Ibn Al-Assal—historian, captures certain rites according to his understanding as follows note the practice of fasting Wednesdays and Fridays was a requirement expected of all Christians until 3pm, and notice also the stringent tone he strikes in its application:. We also read many readings about the wrath of God upon those who reject His love.


Best wishes for a blessed Holy Week! Paul said “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and coltic fellowship of His suffering, being conformed to His death” Philippians 3: Athanasius writes a Festal Pascba describing the Pascha fast as being 6 days long.

Can we give ourselves an exercise this week to share in the fellowship of His suffering and be conformed to His death? Thok Ta Ti Gom Epouro.

But if you can not fast the two days, be sure to fast the Saturday because the bridegroom is taken. Email required Address never made public.

Email required Address never made public. This is the first version to include a contemporary a This book contains the text and rites of one of the most holiest seasons in the Coptic Orthodox Church. Just scroll down to the bottom of his post to check it out.

They are available for immediate download and use:. It is very noticeable that many people during Passion Week act very differently inside church copitc they do outside church. How long is Holy Week?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Eventually by the time of the Council of Nicea, all jurisdictions commemorated the entire week. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. A Note on the Readings: You can also grab an iBooks pacha. The ocptic at St. Also, Hymns, like reading, preserve thoughts from wandering and guides them in a spiritual direction. The ninth hour contrasts the rejected bride including a reading about the harlot in the book of Hoseawith the wise bride.