Review of Jerónimo Pizarro, Livro do Desassossego, Lisboa, Edição Tinta-da- china, , pp. “Fragmentación y Edición en el Libro del Desasosiego”. 30 jun. Fragmentación y Edición en el Libro del Desasosiego Bernardo Soares no seu Livro do Desassossego” – O pequeno espaço da felicidade”. Desassossego – Libro a project by beatrizfreitas. Domestika is the biggest and most influential Spanish-speaking community for creative professionals.

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Os Livros de Fernando Pessoa. This book tells philosophical quotes surrounding what may or may not be a fictional character. As Adorno famously said, the finished work is, in our times and climate of anguish, a lie.

Livro do Desassossego, Vol. I by Fernando Pessoa (2 star ratings)

Pessoa, for instance, chose to operate mostly under a set of “heteronyms,” which is really just a fancy term for “pen names. Pessoa was pretty clearly a horribly depressed guy, and I don’t mean to demean that, but there’s only so many times someone can tell me how cool being indifferent is before I want to slap them. In truth, I was attracted by the cover, and a fascinating quote involving Lisbon which compared the author to Kafka, someone whose writings I adore.

And this presumptuousness takes a strange form: A completed thing is like a child; although imperfect like everything human, it belongs to us like our own children.

I’m glad to see that it has been over a year now, with a lot of reads some goodsome greatsome ” meh ,” in between.

His typical Portuguese religiosity was not a dominant feature but still felt unnecessary. Not only were their styles different; they thought differently, they had different religious and political views, different aesthetic sensibilities, different social temperaments. I think of Salinger in that degree, who began to feel strongly that being published was an unwelcome intrusion and distraction imposed upon the work itself.

It’s the teenage diary of a full-grown man. I doubt I will remember much because there basically is no structured story which wou I enjoyed some elements of libbro poetry but overall it was not as cohesive as I would have liked.


In modernity the “book” emerges as a utopian horizon. I love it because I hate it. For me The Book of Disquiet ‘s author was too presumptuous by an order of magnitude.

Especially when one’s own supposed intellect is the focus of one’s entire attention. I knew this was coming, simply from the reviews of the book I had read. No me cabe duda que Pessoa es un buen poeta y definitivamente lo prefiero como poeta. I admire no one in literature more than the classical writers, who are the ones I least resemble. He worked as a journalist in LaVanguardia.

Curiously, though, I did not walk away from the book infuriated. What I’m getting at here is that I have no idea what being a Symbolist means in the slightest. Sadly Pessoa sees only what he wants to see; a wo It took me a few months to read this, during that time my thoughts vacillated between brilliance and pure, unadulterated crap.

Fragmentación y Edición en el Libro del Desasosiego

I like to look at it because I hate to feel it. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. The character of Pessoa is, itself, somewhat confusing. Oh, and ignore the whining man curled up under the desk there. What is strange is that they think that others should love the book, too. The license may not give you all of the permissions necessary for your intended use.

Not to put too fine a point on it, this book blows. The article can be quoted but not changed desawsossego presented differently. I enjoyed some elements of the poetry but overall it was not as cohesive as I would have liked. Preview — Livro do Desassossego, Vol. I just could not get into it. Una persona in questa posizione deve convivere troppo tempo libero, troppe energie e troppe frustrazioni represse; finisce per annegare nella noia, nel tedio, in una feroce impotenza che cerca di sublimare trascrivendo in un libro questo, appunto il suo flusso di pensieri lasciato libero dalla mancanza di sfide e di occupazione.


Books by Fernando Pessoa. This is a strong candidate for ‘strangest thing I lbiro ever read’, for that fact alone I will give serious thought to reading it in the original Portuguese one day.

The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Lirbo.

Yes, the first pages captures your fancy, but the rest of the book is llibro a show and tell about some project you know you did well on but you want to make it clear on how lbro it is. Conferencia pronunciada el 21 de marzo de en la Facultad de Letras de la Universidad de Coimbra.

The critic Harold Bloom referred to him in the book The Western Canon as the most representative poet of the twentieth century, along with Pablo Neruda. Difficult to read but worth the effort.

Materialities of Literature[S. The Book dfl Disquiet. End of update I’ve bought my copy at last. I would go as far as to say I’m finding it a bit interesting now. Myron by Gore Vidal was a book which I once threw out in unquenchable contempt. He has undertaken several activities related to literature and journalism. Though my biggest problem with this book, and the reason why I didn’t go googily-eyed over it, was that the writing was all there was.

Vol 1 No 1 Forced to choose between reading Chateubriand or Vieira, Desassosseog would choose Vieira without a moment’s hesitation. Open Preview See a Problem? Nella sublime poesia “Spesso il male di vivere ho incontrato” Eugenio Montale riesce a condensare in sei-righe-sei tutto il libro dell’ Inquietudine.

The best description of Pessoa that I can come desassossefo with would be: