For The Emperor: A Ciaphas Cain Novel [Sandy Mitchell] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Despite his yearnings for a peaceful and simple. For more than a hundred centuries The Emperor has sat immobile on. Commisar Ciaphas Cain – hero of the Imperium and renowned across the sector for his. Commisar Ciaphas Cain – hero of the Imperium and renowned across the sector for his bravery and valour – is sent to help maintain order on an outpost world on .

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Very well written and read.

A good story whit a lot of action. He just wants to stay alive long enough to retire. The universe of Warhammer 40k is a terrible place, but Sandy Mitchell manages to create compelling human characters and makes me care about them. I am a fan of the well written Warhammer novels such as those by Dan Abnettand unfortunately, this is not one of them.

Each is told as written by Cain, after his retirement. Accompanied by Lieutenant Sulla ‘s platoon, including Sergeant Lustig ‘s squad who escorted him and Kasteen from the Governor’s PalaceCain visits the PDF, only to find that they are desperately holding their own against a much larger rebel force, having been instructed by “the inquisitor” to keep guard while the inquisitor was investigating something in the undercity.

His only safe option, he reasons, is to request a transfer back to a serving line regiment. Vail must also add occasional footnotes to some of his recollections to point out that Cain has just glossed over something another man might take pride in. And from there, each twist was easily anticipated. You have been warned. Felix, married and settled, secretly craves the excitement of his youth.


The one empdror spot is that Jurgen volunteers to come along and watch Cain’s back. And anyway, we’re not—’ She laughed, a warm, smoky chuckle which warmed me like amasec, and I realised she was pulling my leg.

The Governor has panicked and ordered the Guard to mobilize, and the Tau are doing the same. Don’t like your audiobook? The Warmaster Horus has triumphed.

For The Emperor

Although most of the book is in first person, Mitchell does interject other sources of material so that the reader can get a bigger picture of the campaign. We’re back in Warhammer 40, territory with this novel, but this time around things are rather different to the fine novels of Dan Abnett. He also gravely notes the enthusiasm with which the people have adopted Tau styles of dress and architecture.

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This book was fantastic! I really liked the humor in the book, and the narrator was very good. Vail’s footnotes indicate that, despite her research into the subject, she could find no official documentation on where he was born or what his childhood was like.

This appears to the be the first book in the entire series from Black Library according to the wikis anyways – nice to see older titles getting the audiobook treatment.

Ciaphas Cain: For the Emperor

It didn’t have the “spark” of the aforementioned series; cialhas were many similar elements but thrown together in a way that did not please me, as the reader. She laughed, a warm, smoky emperlr which warmed me like amasec, and I realised she was pulling my leg.

If the book removed the introduction of the inquisitor and was about the regiment overcoming their history and the conflict on the planet it might have worked better. In April the first three books in the series and the 3 short stories were collected in a volume entitled Ciaphas Cain: The whole novel is a very good start to a new character for the Warhammer 40K and at times the pacing of the story shows this.


Ciaphas Cain: For the Emperor Audiobook | Sandy Mitchell |

For those coming to these books after Abnett’s, there’s also some pleasing references to the earlier books Gaunt is briefly discussed, although not by name, at one point, as is the Sabbat Worlds Crusade and, as a nice change of pace, we get to meet some other enemies of humanity other than just Chaos. Lists with This Book. In this book, the Tau, their Kroot mercenaries and the Tyranids whom I have to mention, by tradition, preceded the Zerg by over a decade ciapyas the main ciwphas and provide some variety.

This book is basically a modern day pulp novel, quite simplified and predictable in all of its plot developments, but this did not take away anything from my enjoyment in reading it. Yet, with numerous historical references to Soviet Russia, its not totally unexpected. Customers who viewed this item also ofr.

For the Emperor (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

While Cain will always talk down his accomplishments or claim that his heroic persona is just an act, he still Out of all the 40k books I think this series might be my favorite. A hero, long absent, has returned, and with him comes the wrath of the Ultramarines reborn. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Jan 07, Chao Tai rated it it was amazing.