FotoMagico is a multimedia slideshow creation application. If you want to use these files, the FotoMagico Manual advises burning them to a DVD (to strip away . FotoMagico Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Record narration directly in FotoMagico while your slideshow is playing. . toolbar (of the Storyboard) that are manually added to indicate a location in the audio.

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Choose from a variety of styles in the Animation Assistant to batch adjust the animation of images, movies, or titles in multiple selected slides at once. Using the OS X Font panel is no longer necessary. Working with the Stage. Editing and formatting titles has become faster and much more convenient in FotoMagico 5. If you prefer the classic bright look of the user interface, go to the Fotomafico window and select the Classic theme.

New in FotoMagico 5

Using these components saves a lot of time over manually composing the same slideshow. If a snippet contains placeholder images, then simply replace those placeholders by dragging your own images or movies on top of these placeholders.


For more information, see Animation Assistant. Create audio markers more precisely than ever before to synchronize your slideshow perfectly to your music.

Text placeholders are the reason why many of the snippets, that ship with FotoMagico universally, are useful to a wide range of users.

Adjusting Timing in the Timeline. Introducing the User Interface.

New in FotoMagico 5. Simply drag snippet from the new Snippets Browser to the Storyboard or the Stage.

For more information, see Working with Snippets. Precisely control the volume of audio over time. FotoMagico 5 sports a completely redesigned dark user interface suitable for a pro application. Creating a Custom Quicktime Movie.

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For more information, see Text Editing. The dark look helps the user interface to recede into the background and lets your image content take center stage, so you can concentrate on the task at hand, namely working with your photos and movies.

You now have quick access to the most commonly needed formatting controls directly in the Title Options in the sidebar. For more information, see Audio Marker Assistant. Creating a Standalone Player.


Snippets provide a whole new way to create complex slideshows with pre-built reusable components. Create markers manually by listening to the music and tapping to the beat, fotomagio create markers automatically by adjusting the beats per minute BPM.

Translations of this page: Use envelopes to make parts of music more quiet while you intend to speak, or increase volume when you want to enhance the mood. Text placeholders are an exciting new way to insert info about your images, audio, the slideshow author and many other things into the text of titles. For more information, see Controlling Audio Volume.