Nandakishore said: I came to know that this book is finally available in India onl Book contains the original statement given by Nathuram Godse (Assassin of. The encounter was described by Nathuram’s brother and co-conspirator and fellow convict (though he was only jailed and not hanged) Gopal Godse, in his book. Nathuram Godse: The Story of an Assassin [Anup Sardesai] on * FREE* Books; ›; Biographies & Memoirs; ›; Leaders & Notable People. Enter your . This person is Nathuram Vinayakrao Godse, India’s most hated criminal.

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After Gopal was arrested in for his role gopall the assassination of GandhiSindhu-tai Godse supported her daughters by working in Gopal’s elder brother Dattatraya’s workshop called ‘Udyam Engineering’. He plotted the assassination with Narayan Apte and six others.

Let the people decide whether he was right or wrong. Jan 06, Prateek Jain rated it it was amazing. The version was poorly edited. Nathuram Godse Justifies why was it important to kill him.

In his own words, he said that he kept country over some single living figure. This triggered the most massive exodus of refugees in the world fleeing on both sides of the newly created India-Pakistan borders. Godse’s love for undivided India was enormous. The time when every sort of Godsf trying to get rid of British rule in India, this Bluff-master kept trying his ill instincts to rule the country rather than helping to let us be a free nation.

The facts in the book resonate with those in Freedom at Midnight.

There’s much commotion these days of books being banned and such. However, investigators could find no evidence that the RSS bureaucracy had formally sponsored or even knew of Godse’s plot.

He was finally released at the end of This book will change your perception about certain things in history. They also came to know that he had not denied the charge of assassinating Gandhi. Mar 31, Surabhi rated it it was amazing. Having earlier read about Gandhi and the freedom movement only in history books- this book provides a slightly different view of India’s struggle for freedom and how every freedom fighter had a different way in mind to achieve it.


Nathuram Godse pulled the trigger, but who really killed Mahatma Gandhi? – The Economic Times

Minority appeasement should stop for a just society to emerge. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Sindhutai Godse died intwo years after Gopal Godse’s death. Archived from the original on 24 February These childish insanities and obstinacies, coupled with a most severe austerity of life, ceaseless work and lofty character made Gandhi formidable and irresistible.

The very foundation of secularism was killed with creation of a new country on communal basis. Sad that no Indian gets to learn this side of the story It is very unfortunate that as citizens of India we do not get the opportunity to listen to the other side. Well, folks, I must tell you it turned out to be one damp squib.

Nathuram Godse pulled the trigger, but who really killed Mahatma Gandhi?

View all 4 comments. Retrieved 21 December The statement given by Nathuram in his defense is the subject matter of the book. He was shot by Nathuram Godse while he was going to his prayer meeting hopal Birla Bopal in Delhi at at History always have different point of views.

One more thing there is 9 pages kindle version of this book, don’t read that one. Nathuram was a dyed-in-the-wool Hindu nationalist, the likes of who are very common in India today, and his arguments are all familiar: Company Corporate Trends Deals.

One of the first schemes they sold was to raid the revenue agencies of the Hyderabad Nizam close to the border with the Bombay Province.


In the name of Boook unity, Gandhi deceived every Indian no matter from which class, caste, creed, religion they were. Sinceafter the Direct Action Day killings in Calcutta — where Hindus and Muslims clashed — and the retaliatory massacres in its wake, whenever Bapu was in Delhi and conducted his public, multi-faith evening prayers, every time the Aayats from the Koran were read, people would rise up and protest.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But he was inept and incapable of succeeding without the support of an organisation. As long as the reader do not try to understand the different point of book the ggopal of history Will remain incomplete.

Retrieved 4 July Writer is real brother of Nathuram Godse himself and narrates his accounts of all the events and takes us through the day of assassination till the day Nathuram Godse was hanged. Godse’s story is inriguing and compelling at the same time. Godse connects more with people like Bhagat Singh, Bose etc and believes that Violence is bad, but non-violence is gpdse hopeless.

Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Ogpal now You can switch off notifications anytime using browser settings. No man of good honor and happy family could do such kind of act, killing someone. Fill in your details: Gandhi was the reason for quite a few attrocious things that India went through. But he had his reasons and those were not his personal reasons. Gopal Vinayak Godse Marathi: The statement gods with his will and some of his memoirs were published by Gopal Godse another co-conspirator as pronounced by the court.