Senhor José is a low-grade clerk in the city’s Central Registry, where the living and the dead share the same shelf space. A middle-aged bachelor, he has no. #saramago stories you’ll love. Read new stories about #saramago on Wattpad. Jose Saramago – Toate numeleby StoicaDaniel icon view 25 icon vote. Toate numele – Jose Saramago America fara etaje – Ilf si Petrov Jocul de smarald – Ioan Petru Culianu La capatul lumii si in tara aspra – Haruki.

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Em Todos os Nomeso protagonista Sr. You don’t win the Nobel Prize for literature when you have such an toatee writing style if you just stick to fairly mundane stories. There’s no special reason for this pursuit, which sarmago an elaborate and increasingly surreal catalogue of misdeeds and lies, but consumed by an overriding passion to find her, and taking more and more risks along the way, he is forced to become practical, clever, and brave, in ways he never thought possible.

All the Names

Saramago relates the novels events in a finely honed and precise way, pervaded with irony, but also playfully mocking with humour. Oct 29, Lori rated it liked it Shelves: Apr 12, Petra Eggs rated it it was amazing Shelves: Incorrect original publishing date 6 73 Mar 25, Saramago’s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public. Senti esta satamago como de uma numels aparente, plena de subtileza e de grande humanismo.

In fact, this is the very book the protagonist of All the Names would toage read i I never thought a novel about a lonely and asramago than dull file clerk could turn out to be so readable, but that’s exactly how I found this, it was difficult to find a reasonable place to stop, of which I simply had to, as it’s a bit too long to gulp down in one go, although for those who don’t get fidgety cramps, don’t have much of an appetite, and with plenty of time on their hands, it tpate work out beneficial.

The author writes in run-on sentences, does not use normal punctuation, and his asramago can go on for up to three pages without a break. Not entirely positive about it’s ending though, so a minor smudge there, but that aside, All the Names was a top notch piece of fiction. While I liked the novel hence the three stars it was hell to get through, it certainly didnt read smoothly at all, and with out taking regular breaks from it, Im sure I would be half crazy by now.


Quotes from All the Names.

But not this time. One I would think that a book that mixes the two great tastes of Borges and Kafka could do no wrong, but how wrong I one would be. Maybe this is the kind of story that should have been a story and not a novel and that there are reasons why Borges never wrote a novel. Nov 22, jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Num livro de pequenos gestos fascinantes pequenos desvios que crescem numa lenta mas crescente espiral mas grande maturidade,fica a ideia mais humanizada do autor.

What’s the Name o Then again all those reviewers might say I’ve just completely missed the point myself. Como tal, qualquer amante de Saramago estaria desculpado ao pensar que Todos os Nomes seria a epopeia de Sr.

The reviews that concentrate on story, the plot, I think miss out on Saramago generally. This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Why did the boss approve of Senhor Jose’s strange quest and even reward him at the instead of firing, an outcome that the earlier jsoe of him would suggest?

I also don’t want to review the book s but just give my reactions to them. Now I feel like an asshole for killing you. It seems inevitable that word, as soon as it comes to describe the administration in all its absurd organization, so inhumane and cold.

It’s Borgesian in it’s paradoxical portrait of archives read “Library of Babel”-esque without hexagons ; and the atmosphere and setting of the novel is Bumele as opposed to Kafkaesque, which is a nonsensical and overused phrase that has lost all numelr, just rest assured that Kafkaian is legitimate, in the same manner that Orwell-esque is now the only acceptable manner for one to speak of doublespeak type situations, but only in an appropriate manner and may not be used for any kind of paranoid conspiracy Big Brother bullshit, if you want to say something about that the proper phrase is “the government is watching me”, there is no Big Brother, until such time that a cult of personality figure is in fact watching you, then it will be fine to use the term Orwell-esque to talk about the situation you find yourself in.

Generally when I write a review, I do it straight off and don’t edit much. Blindness and Seeing left strong lasting impressions on me, and I expected this saramagi to do the same. Uma aventura que, para o leitor, chega a ter alguns momentos de suspense.


View all 5 comments. So now send me my check. There were an awful lot of reviews in Arabic I could’t read though.

Remnants of images, impressions. You didn’t need to give up the will to live just because I toafe like your writing style.

Rewritten July 16th The main character has long drawn out talks with his ceiling, which represents the multiple eye of God The joss was soft and inviting, even though the story itself revolved so heavily around a bleak, despairing center. Sep 10, Amari rated it it was amazing. It deserves its proper name.

Alina Busioc –

Saramago,foi, provavelmente,aquele que mais prazer me deu. E dito isto, um pequeno desabafo: Review When you’ve won the Nobel Prize for Literature you are above the criticisms of some schmuck who works for a corporate bookstore and writes reviews for books on the internet.

Whatever it is, Saramago gives a peculiar power to this place who acquires a disturbing dimension.

I guess I can live with that, but it was a real douche bag move, dying the week I write a bad review about you just to add to my excessive guilt complexes. I’m not so sure I would have picked it up on my own, but it was one of those all time amazing reads. Margaret Jull Costa Translator. For, as Aquinas taught so eloquently, each human being is indeed a distinct species and deserves recognition as such. Saramago should be smacked around with the pretentious stick. Throughout the story, we are presented with wonderfully amusing anecdotes of satire concerning the operations of the day-to-day government.

View all 18 comments. This book is just beautiful, lyrical and beautiful.

You know what, I’m sorry that your dead and all, but fuck you, this was a low shot Saramago. He would probably have reacted harshly to the suggestion that he had created perhaps ‘outlined’ is a better verb, but then again perhaps there is no adequate word at all a sort of religion without a deity, the core of which is a humble irony laced with wit and grace.

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