The NXZA-TK (from now on called NX-4) NetworX from Caddx represents a new approach to the design of security systems. The NX-4 is probably the most. The NetworX NX-4 from CADDX Controls represents a new approach to security systems design. Drawing on our experience in the world market as the largest. Click the photo of your keypad or choose from the list below. CADDX Manuals. CADDX NX E User Manual (PDF, MB) ยท CADDX NX E User Manual.

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This will advance you to the next digit. Micron cardx is manufactured to exacting quality standards. If no additional modules are to be programmed, pressing the [Exit] key again will exit the program mode.

See this example on page 0. This condition will illuminate the “Service” LED on the keypad even if not cadddx.

Connecting the Telephone Communicator There are two types of suite security keypads. I like these systems, but they are not easy to program without having the programming charts to refer to. I could take a photo of it if that would help identify it!!

If you desire the duration of the Dynamic Battery Test to be 0 minutes, you should program []-[0]-[r] in segment of this location.

P i had a service guy come down to reset the alarm code but there are two zones which need an entry delay to be able enter the side door of the house when the alarm is armed without it sounding When you enter a program code, you dont need to ring the company for the alarm to download some code or something? Have it hooked up to a scanner an checked for DTC’S – diagnostic trouble codes.


Enter [ digit user number] always digit such as 0 for user. Give the chapter on programming and programming data a thorough read, just to make sure that you aren’t inadvertently entered an unexpected location. Ok, you are getting the steps a little scrambled. The NetworX design allows a fully loaded system to be housed in one single metal enclosure, ,anual for the first time, a logical solution and design response to modular systems.

You select the options by simply selecting the digit listed for a given feature. Rather manusl screw up the setting I hope someone can lay out the steps. This manual contains proprietary information More information. The factory default for the Master code is []-[]-[]-[] when using a -digit code or []-[]-[]-[]-[]-[] for a -digit code.

Refer to the feature definitions. Then get a ladder and push the learning button on the garage opener motor. Program a A0″ in the segment immediately after the last digit of the account code. Feature selection data is used to turn features on or off.

If tone dialing is desired, program an “” in the segment where tone dialing should begin.

Ge NetworX NX-4 Manuals

I also noticed that the sensors arent as sensitive since i changed the values you really need to jump infront of thembut this might just be my imagination The unit i have has an adt control kanual no display and the box up in the cupboard has a big “NETWORX” image with NX-4 written on it.

These wireless devices are only UL listed for residential applications. You will More information.

A July 2 Contents Introduction As before, you are now ready to enter another programming location. These instructions do not purport to cover all details or variations in. Segment of Location is used to enter the number of dial attempts to attempts the communicator will try to Phone before ending the notification process.

AU Australia More information. Under this condition, if a force armable zone is not secure, the “Ready” LED will flash. I’m glad that worked out. I have never programmed an alarm before, only computers: Segment – Phone Backup Control: If enabled, this feature allows you to use the four zones on the panel as eight normally closed zones.


Need help adding a entry/exit delay to zone

Nz4 the entire number should be tone dialing, program a “” in the first segment. The Rinse Only light is rapidly flashing If multiple keys are stuck, the Rinse Only light will flash. These terminals can be enabled or disabled in programming.

What do you set your thermostat at? You can try a new battery.

Rinse light flashing rapidly and cycle stoped. A “” must be programmed in location in addition to the entries in location in order to create a special format. Can you explain in future detail, in the event I need to reprogram another zone?

GE NetworX NX-4 Manuals

Press the key a few times in order to release it or press Cancel. After testing the alarm out caddxx the day, as to not wake any neighbours!! Is there a flashing More information. In shooting rapidly, sometimes flash will go off even though it isnt fully charged.

Four-second delays can be obtained anywhere in the sequence by programming a “” in the appropriate delay location. See Feature Definitions starting on page. If no events should be reported to Phonelocation should be programmed as “0” disabled. These instructions do not purport to cover all details or variations in equipment nor to provide every.