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The student should make the plays on his board and refer to the diagrams. A player who does not take the best advantage of his opening throws of the dice cannot be expected to play soundly as the game backgamnon on. Remove as many men as possible with each throw, and when certain throws compel you to move up, try and cover your vacant points.

The Black men move in the same way only in the opposite direction. By playing your men so that they can go from one table to another you gain the maximum amount of speed in bringing them home. Two men from your 8 to your Bar point, and two men from your 6 to your 5 point.

Backgammon, by Millard Hopper

Read More, Spend Less. Diagram 8 pictures the play completed.

A book with obvious wear. A player always has the choice of playing his men up the board if it is possible and he prefer to do so. Even if he manages to block your 2 point as well as the 1, he still will have a difficult road to travel with his Back Game which to be effective calls for the occupation of at least three points in your Home table. While the element of luck enters into the game in a big way, and while skill cannot always triumph over chance, yet a constant application of skill, will, with rare exceptions, outgeneral the haphazard plays of the novice.

White gets an opening throw on the dice of a [3] and [1] and plays it to secure another Blocked point. Black throws a [2] and [2]. The student will realize by this that the Running Game is rather dangerous, yet with the great advantage of exceptionally large throws at the commencement of the game, it is well worth the risk.


The expert player only resorts to it when his opponent has made a series of favorable opening throws which puts him so far ahead that your position is hopeless.

Get the item you ordered or get your money back. All pages are intact, and the cover is intact. If the game ends in a Gammon, the number is doubled and if a Backgammon the total is tripled. If you can get most of this table closed at this time and have two of his men on the Bar you have an excellent chance of winning.

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Diagram 40 White to Play a 6 and 5. As soon as a backgamomn has secured three points, he brings around additional men as reinforcements to build new points and lengthen the blockade. This time Black loses his throw, as White has the 2 point blocked. An experienced player will try and avoid hitting these blots and make it backggammon difficult for you to add more men to the two men in his Home table. Diagram 5 White Playing a [6] and [5]. Chapter 3 An Illustrative Game Now that our students have a hlpper understanding of the millardd of play, we will take him over part of a game.

If he leaves blots in your Home table in trying to get control of these vital points, rehit these blots immediately so that he cannot cover same with another man and secure the point. It is obvious that one or two hits would soon overcome any superiority you might have gained over your opponent by getting a series of high initial throws.

For the [6] he immediately moves a. White throws a [4] and [1]. Not alone that, but White backgammo cast a [1], [2], [3], or [4] to re-enter this man and continue his plays. The Back game is really a defensive measure used as a last resort to prevent a defeat. Summing up briefly the strategies of the Back Game are as follows: An illustration of this is as follows: The player first bearing all his men is declared the winner. While luck plays a great part in the results of the game where players are equally matched, still, a skillful player when paired against a haphazard one, will far excel his inexperienced adversary.

This being a double and miolard strongest possible opening throw on the dice, enables him to cover his millzrd point in his Home table, also his 7 or Bar Point. Learn More – opens in a new window or tab.


This will make it difficult for him to add reinforcements to the two men in your Home table. As Eight is the average throw of the dice, it will take about three average bafkgammon to regain your position again. The following diagram shows the Backgammon Board before the pieces have been set up for Play.


White throws a [3] and [1]. The student will notice how the White pieces are distributed at four different points on the road to the Home table. These two men are the weakest members of your forces and you should bring them to safety without any delay. In such a situation he would not have his sharpshooters spread to intercept your hit men as they retravel around the board.

If you are forced to leave a blot within six points of your opponent, leave it as near as possible, one point away being safest. The purpose of counting Gammons and Backgammons as Double and Triple games is to allow the winner to earn a suitable award for winning a decisive victory.

He plays safe by moving his blot on point 11 to point 8 for the [3] and from point 8 to point 7 for the The Diagram shows the position after this play. Some players prefer to make the 1, millatd, and 3 points but my backgammom is for the 5 or 4 points after the 1 and 2 have been made.

The Diagram herewith shows the game up to this point. For every number thrown, a man is removed from the corresponding point. Diagram 23 Now White having a definite lead on Black must be cautious about hitting those two blots that Black left on points 2 and 3. Diagram 1 The Backgammon Board.

Diagram 18 Here, White throws a [3] and a [1] ; he has no men on the 3 or 1 points, so must move up some of his men from the higher to the lower points.