The British government decided to endorse the establishment of a Jewish home in Palestine. After discussions within the cabinet and consultations with Jewish. The Balfour Declaration was a statement of support made by the British Government for the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Eretz. A decade later, as British foreign secretary, he wrote the document known as the Balfour Declaration, which recognized the Jewish people’s.

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But I did in substance say what is quoted though the expression “foundation of a Jewish commonwealth” goes a little further than my idea at that time.

Could I draft something which would go a reasonable distance to meeting the objectors, both Jewish and pro-Arab, without impairing the substance of the proposed declaration?

Hoover Institution, Stanford University,xv.

Balfour Declaration letter written

Clearly, they had none. In both Houses of Parliament there is growing movement of hostility, against Zionist policy in Palestine, which will be stimulated by recent Northcliffe articles.

Camp and Combat on dellaration Sinai and Palestine Front: The pledge excluded “portions of Syria ” lying to the west of “the districts of Damascus, HomsHama and Aleppo “.

The honest course is to admit our difficulty and to say to the Jews that, in accordance with the Balfour Declaration, we have favoured the establishment of a Jewish National Home in Palestine and that a Jewish National Home in Palestine has in fact been established and will be maintained and that, without violating the other part of the Balfour Declaration, without prejudicing the interests of the Arabs, we cannot do more than we have done.

But if you see something that doesn’t look right, contact us! The deilaration had deklaratioj drafted together balfoyr the second safeguard by Leo Amery in consultation with Lord Milner, with the intention to “go a reasonable distance to meeting the objectors, both Jewish and pro-Arab, without impairing the substance of the proposed declaration”.


Allied war aims and the proposed peace settlement. To enjoy any special rights not enjoyed by other inhabitants of Palestine; On the other hand the Zionists do want: Our justification for our policy is that we regard Palestine as being absolutely exceptional; that we consider the question of the Jews outside Palestine as one of world importance, and that we conceive the Jews to have an historic claim to a home in their ancient land; provided that home can be given them without either dispossessing or oppressing the present inhabitants.

Balfour Declaration | History & Impact |

His Majesty’s Government regards as essential for the realization of this principle the grant dklaration internal autonomy to the Jewish nationality in Palestine, freedom of immigration for Jews, and the establishment of a Jewish National Colonizing Corporation for the resettlement and economic development of the country.

Who Wrote the Balfour Declaration and Why: How better to shore up an uncertain ally than by endorsing Zionist aims?

Eighth Revised and Updated Edition. Lord Curzon and the Palestine Question”.

Balfour, and he thought that an interview with Mr. Balfour stated in February that Palestine was considered an exceptional case in which, referring to the local population, “we deliberately and rightly decline to accept the principle of self-determination ,” [af] although he nalfour that the policy provided self-determination to Jews. Voices from Palestine, s to balfout Partners Together in This Great Enterprise. The deliberations yielded a favourable result, and it was resolved to continue the work.

The second safeguard clause was a commitment that nothing should be done which might prejudice the rights of the Jewish communities in other countries outside of Palestine. The Balfour Declaration was certainly not deklaratin as a tool to aid the growth of the Zionist movement, or to exacerbate communal divisions.


Balfour Declaration – Wikipedia

Balfour would be of very great interest and value Retrieved 8 October A Political, Social, and Military History. The first negotiations between the British and the Zionists took place at a conference on 7 February that included Sir Mark Sykes and the Zionist leadership.

Yet the Reklaration who believes in Divine Providence was almost compelled to believe that the Balfour Declaration was a balfor of God’s Grace. Ottoman government in Constantinople began to apply restrictions on Jewish immigration to Palestine in latein response to the start of the First Aliyah earlier that year.

Who Wrote the Balfour Declaration and Why: The World War I Connection

Metropolitan, Sonnino arranged for the secretary general of the ministry to send a letter to the effect that, although he could not express himself on the merits of a program which concerned all the allies, “generally speaking” he was not opposed to the legitimate claims of the Jews.

This was an impressive demonstration of the ability of the immigrant Zionists to rally massive support. The British in Palestine: The Colonial Office and Palestine, “.

In the Anglo-Arab Labyrinth: Whatever the genesis bapfour the idea, Chamberlain received Herzl in his office just weeks after the Kishinev pogroms. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Indiana University Press,pp.