CCNP ROUTE Instructor Lab Manual. use by instructors in the CCNP TSHOOT course as part of an This lab uses Cisco routers with Cisco IOS. CCNP TSHOOT Student Lab Manual. Share? CCNP Routing and Switching TSHOOT Official Cert Instructor Lab Manual. Download Ccnp Tshoot Instructor Lab Manual free pdf, Download Ccnp Tshoot ccnp tshoot instructor lab manual. this document is exclusive property of.

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To determine the traffic path between the affected hosts, you can combine knowledge from the following sources: Which commands did you find most useful in diagnosing Layer 1 and Layer 2 issues? In this lab, you will troubleshoot various Layer 2 60.

CCNP TSHOOT 6.0 Student Lab Manual

No data frames will be transmitted. Make clear that browsing the Internet should be possible from all clients.

Document the troubleshooting and maintenance applications or tools in use with the network ccbp in the Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tools table. Do not assign either PC a static address. The notes can include problems encountered, solutions applied, useful commands employed, alternate solutions, methods, and processes, and procedure and communication improvements. Add these to your toolbox for future use.

If yes, describe their function. Review the logical lab diagram and the subnets. Encapsulation is isl but should be dot1q: Analyze the configurations of the devices for services that support troubleshooting and maintenance, such as syslog, Simple Network Management Protocol SNMPand other network management features.

All team members can access all devices via Telnet or Iinstructor for nondisruptive diagnostic action without permission of the responsible team member. Diagram the spanning tree for VLAN Refer to TT-C debrief for more information.


See the instructor note in the Background section at the beginning of the lab for additional information on initially copying the device config files to flash. Which commands did you find least useful? Load the device trouble ticket configuration files for TT-B. Presented here are points for the instructor to emphasize during the lab debriefing discussions. Mannual your entries in the Security Features table.

To simulate an Internet connection, you can ping the R2 Lo0 address at Device Innstructor Instructor version Note: You will then be prompted for a login to the router management GUI by R2.

Map the VLANs used in the lab to the devices in the diagram. Identify all host devices that are members of each VLAN.

Is the VLAN allowed on the trunk between the switches? The second step in determining the Layer 2 path is to follow the expected path and verify that the links on the expected path are actually up and forwarding traffic. Document trouble ticket debrief notes. Even if you cannot find the underlying cause of the problem yourself, by reducing the scope of the problem, you have a better-defined problem that can be escalated to the next level of support.

The team member who has primary responsibility for a device is in control of the console of that device and changes to the device. These features are implemented within the specific labs where they are introduced.

If the pings are not successful, contact your instructor.

CCNP TSHOOT Student Lab Manual – PDF Drive

Other routers such as andswitches such as orand Cisco IOS Software versions can be used if they have comparable capabilities and features. Map the subnet scheme to the logical diagram. To resolve this situation and restore the consistency between the configuration of the port channel interface and the FastEthernet interfaces, configure the following commands: Instructors can use a TFTP server, USB drive, flash memory card or other method to copy all the course configuration files into the flash: This is your primary opportunity to document a baseline of the lab network before starting the troubleshooting exercises.


Edge for edge Inetructor ports. Lab Router R2 Baseline Config! However, if the switches that you are using have the capability to track packet statistics for access lists, you might be able to write an access list that matches the specific fcnp that you are interested in and isolate the traffic statistics for that type of traffic.

However, not all students might have the skills to independently map and analyze the network. All contents are Copyright? Use this space to identify your troubleshooting approach and the key steps to verify that the problem is resolved. Is dynamic or static routing being used?

CCNP TSHOOT Instructor Lab Manual_图文_百度文库

Review the configurations of the devices for using Layer 1 and Layer 2 features, such as trunks and EtherChannels. The enable password is ciscoenpa Rather than try to list all the combinations of configurations for each router class, this table includes identifiers for the possible combinations of Ethernet and serial interfaces in the device. ALS1 reload System configuration has been modified.