El perseguidor: Julio Cortázar: The main character of “El perseguidor” (“The Pursuer”), one of the stories in Las armas secretas, embodies many of the traits of . In , the Argentine writer Julio Cortázar published a short story entitled “El Perseguidor” (“The Pursuer”) that vividly brought to life the bebop scene of s . Julio Cortázar: El perseguidor. El perseguidor. Falsa biografía del músico de Jazz Charlie Parker, representado por el personaje de Jonnhy.

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Johnny cannot grasp the conventional conception of time that guides everyday reality: Jazz appears in ‘El Perseguidor’ both as one of its main themes and as the basis persebuidor its writing. Next comes a brief section of Bruno’s thoughts during the intermission perzeguidor that night’s concert, about Johnny and the music he uses “to explore himself, to bite into the reality that escapes every day.

But Johnny is also a unique genius whose understanding cprtazar life and psychological problems are inextricably connected to his philosophical and artistic insights. They have to keep living in order to solve them, in order to get to the secret.

But, he adds, Bruno’s book is missing something. Johnny thus mocks Bruno’s representation of his music as a religious phenomenon. In many ways, Tica’s character is based on the Baroness Pannonica “Nica” de Koenigswarter, a benefactor and socialite who befriended and financially supported many jazz musicians, including Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk.

A Social and Musical History. Remember me on this computer.

The Pursuer

He is every reader who ever depended on a writer to express for him the one thing he has never known how to put into words, the only thing he has ever really wanted to say, the only thing that means anything. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Alazraki, Jaime, and Ivar Ivask, eds. His character is closely based on the famous bebop musician Charlie “Yardbird” Parker, and, like Parker, Johnny is dortazar heroin addict and an alcoholic with severe psychological illnesses.

Parker is present here and shows author and reader the possibility to persegguidor a world otherwise, in which time, language, and music escape the barriers imposed by an exclusionary system.


The capitalist individual moves according to the clock and due dates, as in the case of Bruno, the jazz critic writing for the newspaper. Johnny is ahead of his time, struggling to reach a new level of existence, and normal corfazar, including his biographer Bruno, is ultimately unable to accept or understand him.

Tica goes over to deal with Johnny while Bruno flirts with Baby and finds out from two musicians in Johnny’s new group that Johnny is “barely able to play anything. Bruno becomes more specific in his comparison of Johnny Carter to Jesus Christ toward the end of the story.

Paris and other major European cities were the origin of many of these ideas, but writers from all over the Hispanic perweguidor participated in them. Late in the story, Bruno describes Johnny’s role among his friends and listeners as that of a religious martyr, who provides a spiritual cleansing of the world by suffering for the sins of mankind.

El perseguidor | work by Cortázar |

University of California Press, So it is quite important to note that this artistic effort is characterized by such frustration and even futility in its ability to discover its goal and successfully find corrazar it is seeking. Bruno’s condescension towards Johnny, which is clearest in his habit of referring xortazar Johnny as a chimpanzee, suggests two important ideas.

This is clearer in the original Spanish version, since the translator Paul Blackburn has edited out some of the awkwardness in language. Bruno can feel better about himself and his “prestige” by convincing himself that because Johnny is a black man his “mental age does not permit him to understand” the biography’s profundity.

When he recovered, however, he made what are generally considered his best recordings, with musicians such as the trumpeter Miles Davis and the drummer Max Roach.

Bruno finds out that he was at Tica’s place and likely died of a severe drug overdose. Yet Bruno seems to be the only person aware that he is doing this, and Bruno also as becomes clear while he is listening to Amorous understands Johnny’s music, as well as his obsessions and philosophies, better than any of the other characters. Mirrors give faithful reflections. Tica, Johnny, and Baby Lennox all move back to New York soon after this, and Bruno decides not to confuse his audience by making any changes to the second edition of Johnny’s biography.


Bruno then receives a call from Tica who says that Johnny’s youngest daughter, Bee, has died in Persegguidor. Bruno feels that Marcel, like Art, fails to understand Johnny as well as he does. In explaining his childhood to Bruno, he equates both his parents’ fights over money specifically, over their home mortgage with the religion they imposed upon him as aspects of his childhood that he found unbearable.

Johnny’s youngest daughter with Lan, Bee dies of pneumonia in Chicago.

However, by the end of the story, Johnny’s combination of intriguing and tormenting Bruno results in Bruno’s refusal to include Johnny’s complex personal life in the second edition of the biography.

Bruno’s help may not actually help Johnny much.

El perseguidor

Although Bruno has a tendency to dismiss Johnny’s discussions of time after he is finished talking with him, these speculations are central to “The Pursuer. Log In Sign Up. At the same time, Johnny struggles with his own limits, always catching glimpses of a revelation he can never fully fathom, playing music that carries him far beyond the boundaries of conventional forms but into a land that he can only stutter about brokenly upon his return.

Johnny, after a moment, is ready to let the discussion of Bruno’s book pass, but Bruno cannot let it go at that. During his climactic discussion with Bruno near the end of the story, Johnny refers to playing with Davis when “the door open[ed] a little bit,” and he found, or prseguidor found, what he was looking for.

An artist of great talent must, at some point, make a choice. Brent holds a Ph.

Later in his life, he married the Canadian writer Carol Dunlap.