FM 90-26 PDF

Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. provide extensive information about FM ( ). Field Manual (FM) for other counterobstacle operations. This manual applies the current AirLand Battle doctrine described in FM to river.

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Airborne Operations (FM ) : Department of the Army :

Often, decisive action with a small force can succeed early where a fully assembled force cannot succeed later. Air Movement Planning Worksheet Quick response on short notice.

They attack deep to achieve operational-level objectives. The training program must continue after the unit begins conducting combat operations. Deploying by strategic airlift from multiple bases in the continental United States, paratroopers jumped into action on two principal DZs.

The mission assigned to the airborne force was to quickly isolate, neutralize, and, if needed, destroy units of the Panamanian Defense Force by overwhelming combat power.

This is achieved by establishing an air defense umbrella that is closely integrated with the USAF. Rehearse and conduct briefbacks. cm

They seize and maintain the initiative until follow-on forces are committed to the fight and then move to hit the enemy where he is the most vulnerable. This phase begins with aircraft takeoff and ends with unit delivery to the DZ s or LZ s.


Airborne forces execute parachute assaults to destroy the enemy and to seize and hold important objectives until linkup is accomplished.

All leaders must also be resourceful, tenacious, and decisive warriors. Strategic missions may require airborne forces to seize an airhead from which follow-on ground or air operations can be launched.

Airborne Operations (FM 90-26)

Phases of Supply This teamwork teamwork and cohesion that develop in squads and platoons. Logistical Planning Responsibilities Estimate of the Situation The search, detection, and location of targets are needed for maneuver and CS forces to prepare plans for engaging and destroying the enemy.

Movement to the Marshaling Area When properly exploited, it 9026 increase the combat potential of the fmm and support the achievement of surprise. Phases of Airborne Operations Preparation Before Marshaling The commander must consider the type, number, and location of enemy air defense weapons, observation systems visual, radar, and satelliteand warning systems.

The paratrooper’s abilities fn enhanced by the teamwork and cohesion that develop in squads and platoons. The phase ends when all elements of the relevant echelon are delivered to the objective area. This is linked to the operational-level commander’s concept and simplifies his accomplishment of assigned tasks.

These fundamentals are valid at every level:.

In the close fight, paratroopers must be skilled in employing all weapons to include the rifle, the bayonet the AT4, grenades, mines, and bare hands. Paratroopers must be able to move undetected close to enemy soldiers. Assemble and prepare paratroopers, equipment, and supplies.


They can be employed as a deterrent or combat force. From their origins early in World War II, the US Army’s airborne forces have dramatically demonstrated their responsiveness and flexibility many times on DZs and battlefields all over the world. Obstacles are created or reinforced to secure the airhead and to isolate it from reinforcing enemy forces. Leaders must be proficient in land navigation and have an appreciation for terrain and parachute assault techniques. Airborne forces provide a means by which a commander can decisively influence operations.

Airborne Operations FM 90 26

That mobility depends on the number and type of vehicles and helicopters that can be brought into 90-2 objective area. Defense Against Chemical Attack The primary source of fire support for airborne assaults is the US Air Force. Everyone concerned must maintain strict security. Prisoners of War and Captured Materiel Above all, they must personally lead their unit to success in close combat.