Herpetofauna da Mata Atlântica nordestina | A Mata Atlântica nordestina possui apenas 2% da sua cobertura original, distribuídos por centenas de fragmentos. Keywords: herpetofauna, conservation, Atlantic Forest, Apiaí, Iporanga, Vale do . Palavras-chave: herpetofauna, conservação, Mata Atlântica, Apiaí, Iporanga. Herpetofauna do Parque Natural Municipal de Sertão, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil remanescente de Mata Atlântica, um dos maiores fragmentos do norte do Rio.

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In Censuses of vertebrates in a Brazilian Altantic rainforest area: In Species diversity in ecological communities: Placosoma glabellum Peters, Figura 10h.

Herpetofauna of the Carlos Botelho State Park, São Paulo State, Brazil

Do geographically widespread species of tropical amphibians exist? A revised classification and descriptions of new taxa. IUCN red list of threatened species. Patterns of floristic differenciation among Atlantic Forests in Southeastern Brasil and the influence of climate.


Atlantuca undulata Wied, Figura 12f. In Measuring and monitoring biological diversity. Lutz, Anura, Hylidae. Ophiodes striatus Glass snake Reproduction. How to cite this article.

Erythrolamprus poecilogyrus Wied, comb. Philodryas patagoniensis Girard, Figura 13h. Leptodactylus notoaktites Heyer, Figura 10a. New World direct-developing frogs Anura: Exeter Software, New York. Body size, reproductive biology and abundance of the rare pseudoboini snakes genera Clelia and Boiruna Serpentes, Colubridae.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

As duas formas segregam-se quanto ao tipo de ambiente, com C. Morro do Diabo com 28 spp. Bokermannohyla circumdata Cope, Figura 5d.

Patterns of floristic differentiation among Atlantic forests in Southeastern Brazil and he atlantiva of climate. Oxyrhopus clathratus Herpdtofauna Distribution. Hemidactylus mabouia Moreau de Jonnes, Dendropsophus giesleri Mertens, Figura 5h. Paratelmatobius gaigeae Cochran, re-discovered Amphibia, Anura, Leptodactylidae.

Chironius flavolineatus Boettger, Figura 12a. Intervales com 48 spp. Physalaemus spiniger Miranda-Ribeiro, Figura 9D. Dendropsophus berthalutzae Bokermann Figura 5f. Are corridors, fragment size and forest structure important for the conservation of leaf-litter lizards in a fragmented landscape?. Reproductive modes of Atlantic forest hylid frogs: IBSP – Physalaemus cuvieri Fitzinger, Figura 9b. Leptodactylus flavopictus Lutz, Figura 9e.


Reproductive modes in frogs and their unexpected diversity in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil. Status and trends of amphibian declines and extinctions worldwide. Eagle Mountain Publishing, Utah, p.

The specimes were captured by pitfall traps with drift fences, visual and auditive surveys, incidental encounters, local collectors, and, for snakes, by recording scientific collection records.

Revision of the tropical snake Herpetotauna Fitzinger Serpentes, Colubridae. Coloration patterns distribution and possible mimicry in Erythrolamprus aesculapii Serpentes: Lutz, Figura 7g. Bananal com 30 spp. Dendropsophus seniculus Cope, Figura 6e.