La légende raconte qu’à Bagdad la magnifique, un grand vizir répondant au nom d’Iznogoud, particulièrement mal intentionné, cultive. Bibliographie dans Pilote de la BD Calife Haroun el Poussah. Le calife Haroun el Poussah et le grand vizir Iznogoud dans Pilote. à retrouver vos BD Iznogoud sur le WEB 45, RC 2p, Les retours d’Iznogoud ou comment le grand vizir, après avoir été rivé, est arrivé, loin de la rive, à ne.

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Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Iznogoud, devastated, puts the rocket away into storage. Goscinny and Tabary occasionally make appearances themselves. Edit to localize it to your language. When Iznogoud tries to use it on the Sultan, he keeps trapping other people and things instead, culminating in trapping himself after accidentally taking a picture of his own reflection. Tout GoscinnyIznogoud 1. Iznogoud proposes a strong dimwitted porter to challenge the Sultan to a duel which would make Iznogoud the sultan if the Sultan is the loser while the winner will be executed for attacking the Sultan.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. His attempts all fail, leaving him a nervous wreck whom the Sultan’s doctor declares in need of a vacation. The Iznogoud comics were translated into English in the s. Inevitably, he is the one who ends up going on a one-way carpet trip to China. Other recurring characters include Sultan Pullmankar Sultan Streetcar in Englishthe Caliph’s neighbour who is described as a touchy man with a powerful army.


The Wizard Avaz repays Iznogoud with a magic catalogue capable of getting three iiznogoud from the future. Hundreds of people show up claiming to be the Sultan’s child, and the Sultan adopts them all and ruins Iznogoud’s plan.

Inogoud magic salesman sells Iznogoud a magical device known as a “computer” that can answer any question. Iznogoud buys a magic amulet that makes the wearer’s dreams come true, but none of the surreal dreams he has involve becoming Sultan instead of the Sultan.

When he cannot sniff any scandal involving the Sultan, Iznogoud persuades him to plant a fake story about the Sultan having a forsaken child. A strange man called Telltale, who can literally sniff out scandal wherever he goes, offers his services to Iznogoud. Iznogoud was also adapted into a cartoon series produced by Saban Entertainmentwith 52 episodes to its name, again with most of them having been translated to other languages as well.

Whenever Iznogoud volunteers to get back to the palace to pick up some water he “forgot”, someone appears selling some.

Calife Haroun el Poussah

When Goscinny died inTabary eventually decided to carry on the work himself, just as Albert Uderzo did with Asterix. The sailor Iznotsobad brings Iznogoud a tube of toothpaste, an invention as yet unknown in the sultanate, that he falsely claims contains an undetectable poison.

This article iznogou additional citations for verification. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Iznogoud fetches a thief from the local jail to steal the sceptre.

Iznogoud sur le WEB

A poor fisherman discovers an ostrich that lays golden eggs when sung a song, and Iznogoud plans to use the eggs to fund a mercenary campaign to overthrow the Sultan. Bv decides to make his pupil’s life miserable so that he will complain to his father, who in turn will wage a war that will depose the Sultan.


Iznogoud enlists the services of a genie who can dissolve anyone who touches the water in which he lives, and he and Adulahf transport him by bucket back to Baghdad. Iznogoud buys from Traveller Sheikh a potion to shrink the Sultan. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms.

Iznogoud V.1 Le Grand Vizir Iznogoud – European Comicsto read online

A joke shop owner sells Iznogoud a magic jigsaw puzzle which, when the last piece is put in, causes the object of the puzzler’s thoughts to disintegrate into 10, pieces. Iznogoud buys a potion that makes its drinkers so light they float away, but it must be b while hot; when cold, it has no effect, and when tepid, it merely causes hiccups. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data.

Become a LibraryThing Author. Iznogoud accompanies the Sultan on a visit to Sultan Streetcar trying to start a scandal. Iznogoud seeks the help of the Magic Weatherman to produce snow to freeze the Sultan. The thief leaves Iznogoud and Adulahf trapped in the chamber, unable to remember the password to get out.