“Among the Truthers” is a remarkable book, not least because its author, Jonathan Kay, appears to have emerged with his sanity intact after. Q: I so appreciate Jonathan Kay for highlighting this phenomenon, and Diane for hosting him. I’ve been aware of this trend for several years. In Among the Truthers,journalist Jonathan Kay offers a thoughtful and sobering look at how socialnetworking and Web-based video sharing have engendered a .

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Now is certainly a propitious moment in history for a journalist of stature to point out that the peddling of theoretical twaddle in these twitchy times is at least as reprehensible as the usual transgressions for which we hold society accountable. If you want to write a letter to the editor, please forward to letters globeandmail.

Register trutheds for FREE.

Jonathan Kay: “Among the Truthers” – Diane Rehm

These chapters really undermined my enjoyment of the book and took my rating down a star. And they’d describe these addictive sessions where they’d be on the computer for eight or nine hours at a time and then they’d come out of it with sort of a glazed look and they had been programmed. Archived from the original on August 10, May 05, Kate rated it did not like it Shelves: Kay’s overall argument is apparently that anyone who is skeptical of the government is by definition mentally ill: The conspiracy theorists I interviewed generally were not violent in any way — and did not even pose any threat of violence that I could see.

I’ve read die hard trutjers books, biographies about presidents and other political figures, communist manifestos, books about alternative political scenarios, books honathan by politicians for their campaigns and plenty of books written by Fox News hosts. And they were written usually by solitary authors.


Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground by Jonathan Kay

Nuts get much more prominent and credible stature in, frankly, the Republican Party. Truthers, Birthers, Holocaust deniers, and anti-vaccine fanatics are wrong, and if you believe their garbage you are an idiot.

Bunch [4] and a reviewer for The Economist both faulted Kay for giving inadequate attention or explanation to the Birther jonthan. I had watched “Collapse” with some interest, but hadn’t realized what an outright crank Micheal Ruppert wasor what the hell the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion was or what the big deal was about, until I read this book.

Kay set out to write a sort of scholarly, sociological analysis of that guy, delving in to the yruthers, politics, and psychological motives of the common Loonbat and their theories.

Think about the recent conviction of an insider trader. KAY Look, a lot of this is based on fear and that fear comes from bad economic times. These are the questions that Jonathan Kay, editorial director of the National Post and a former colleagueraises in Among the Truthers. With the increase of technology and information being so readily available this “truther” movement has gained a foothold into today’s society.

The Intersection

This reminds me of when a cop kills an unarmed man, then the police department says, “Don’t worry, we’ll conduct an internal investigation. Kay’s descriptions carve out a place along the political spectrum where one is not a conspiracist, and it is clear that he believes there is more room in this space on the right than on the left. And it was actually just a small minority of people who I interviewed who had any kind of mental illness. Politics is a factor here, of course.

They are blaming immigrants, they are blaming people with different skin color.

Ultimately, Kay does make some valid points, among them that The New Anti-Semitism particularly as jonaghan relates to conspiracism just repackages old antisemitism and that Obama birtherism did in fact presage a resurgence of far-right conservatism in the United States, but these points are correct in the same way that a broken clock is correct twice a day. The Daily Show does fact-checking, but amonh a full-length non-fiction book, that is felt to be unnecessary.


Like medicine, it is a very narrow and technical degree which needs to be supplemented by some social science material. Jul 03, The American Conservative added it Shelves: Don’t miss a story.

One gets the impression correctly that only the extreme fringe of conservatives is involved in such conspiracy theories. Of course, in this culture, opinion masquerades as fact, and the lack of evidence is consigned to some nebulous conspiracy.

The no more racism claim: How long does the bubble last? You know, I’m part of the establishment and, of course, I’m simply telling the lies on behalf of the establishment. Create an Account or login First Name.

Friday, Dec 14 HBO jonqthan adapted the first book in the four-part series for the small screen. Having given these recommendations, there are very few people to whom I tduthers recommend “Among the Truthers”. But by the middle of the book, I sensed the author was stalling. KAY That’s a great question.

KAY I think there’s two main reasons. Another is that the male mind tends to become more easily obsessed with abstract logic puzzles and eccentric ideological systems that are disconnected from the reality of day-to-day human existence—a subject to which I shall return in Chapter 5.