Cheiro’s Palmistry for All has ratings and 4 reviews. Tina said: One of the concise and easy to read books on palmistry by the master himself. Recomm. Cheiro was a renowned palmist whose world travels gained attention in the press and whose palm readings for the rich and famous of his day, including Mark. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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Showing selfishness, cruelty and contempt of opposite sex. In this case it is as if these two sides of the mentality, the sentimental and the mental, were linked or in some palmietry united together. Sir William was not interested in knowing about his past or future. In that short time, after the exchange of short pleasantries, he glanced at Palms, and made a quick calculation with the date of birth. By a study of this line the ppalmistry valuable warnings may be given of approaching ill-health.

During his career, he was celebrated for using these forms of divination to make personal predictions for famous clients and to foresee world events.

Cheiro, a mysterious Palmist

The subject suffers greatly from excessive blood to the head, mental hysteria, sleeplessness, and all things that affect the brain. From New York Cheiro went to Boston, the pwlmistry being intellectual he decided to extend his stay. Unfortunately, Cheiro has confused books written-with the help of red ink-on Palm leaves and wooded peels, which are glazed and bound together by threads.

He wrote about some interesting experiences but as he withheld the real names, we are unable to verify whether those experiences really occurred or were the figments of his deliberate imagination.

But if he had set his heart or affections on any person, he would unite with that palmisfry the whole force of his mental nature. Meyer was waiting his trial. When I meet a professional palmist, one of the few questions I ask him are about his favorite book on Palmistry which has helped him the most. This would denote that the person continues to cultivate the practical side of his nature that was at that period called into existence.


Raman that cheiro had palmostry his predictive powers due to misplacing of a Talisman which he used to wear. They are likewise so easily wounded in their feelings, that even a look or an imagined slight will put them out of humour or upset them for days. This article needs attention from an expert in Biography.

Palmistry: The Language of the Hand

In a very short time this man could detect the slightest change or irregularity in these crepitations, and through the changes ksro able to tell with wonderful accuracy about how old a person was, and how near they were to illness, and even death. He set his office. Known popularly as a builder King, he was the most corrupt and doomed monarch.

In scramble for Africa, European powers competed with each other to gain control over different parts of the Dark Continent. Prince helped him in gaining his composure. The time and memory lapse ranging from few days to months. Without purpose they are rather like a ship drifting on an idle sea. In the case of boys or men it must be remembered that they will take more after their mother’s mental peculiarities, and in the case of girls or women that they more generally take after the mental qualities of the father.

Henry Meyer, was born in year For one and a half year, he kept himself busy in amassing Hand Prints for his own study. If a Line of Fate run over the Mount of Saturn and up into the base of the finger, it is an unfortunate sign, as everything the subject undertakes will get out of his control, and he will not apparently know how or when to stop in whatever he takes up.

It was on July 21,that I had the honour of meeting Lord Kitchener and getting the autographed impression of his right hand, which I now publish for the first time as frontispiece to this volume.


Apart from general public, head of States, Kings and foreign dignitaries attended the exhibition. In some cases it may look faint or shadowy, as if the path palmistgy Destiny were not yet clearly defined, while in other instances almost every step of the road is chiselled out with its milestones of failure or success, sorrow or joy, as the case may be.

A thin hand that feels listless in one’s grasp denotes a weak constitution that has only sufficient energy to live. The Prime Minister took notes, increased the guards and the subsequent attempt on the life of Shah was averted. What palmistty known as “islands” in the Line of Head are very important, especially if they are considered both in relation to the age at which they occur, and also in relation to the mentality itself. One night close to midnight on 8 th of Octoberhe breathed his last and palmisfry ended a brilliant and successful career.

Palmistry for all, by Cheiro.

He was hired on the spot. This fact emboldened B. I found they were higher than those of any man I had ever met, indicating that the man before me must be a reincarnation of some unusual personage of some far-distant past p. Cheiro was reluctant to marry but was aware that he was destined to marry late in life. During my twenty-five years’ professional experience in England, America, and other countries, I have carefully noted down the questions that are not answered in books published on this subject.

The way she ran away from her first marriage and actively pursued Cheiro for 18 years speaks volume about her energy and doggedness.