magic tricks forum – The Effect In this limited edition manuscript Luke Jermay details two routines that are designed to be performed in casual. I think 4/10 is extremely generous for the stuff in this ebook, to be honest – for £20, and considering how good Luke Jermay’s work has been in. In “Telling Tales” Luke Jermay details two dynamite psychological magic routines that are designed to be performed in casual settings. Jermay.

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This page was created in 0. Best known for his use of suggestion and the use and apparent use of covert forms of psychological influence, his trademark routines are an apparently self-induced cessation of his pulse, followed by an apparent stop of a tles audience member’s pulse, and The Chair Prediction, a routine in which Jermay predicts which chair a spectator will choose to sit in.

Here’s my take on it: Tellkng you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words. No pre-show work is needed.

A lesson in basic magical ettiquette and an important reminder to consider the subtle implications jwrmay an effect about the magician’s moral character. No pre -show work is needed.

Telling Tales Luke Jermay PDF Download – $ :

Return to Reviews – Electronic media format. Spektor, Thanks for your wonderful suggestion about the “classy” way of performing this trick: Magic must be the only business where they can then turn around and give the usual excuses, like “it’s the secret you’re paying for”; I feel that some dealers use this as an excuse to sell rubbish.


Jermay has authored a total of 34 books on the subject of mentalism and mind illusions.

If this is the case, then there is really no need for the expensive equipment used in method one. By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. Reviews require prior approval before they will be displayed Customers who bought this product also purchased I cannot wait to try this out, and you will feel the same way.

Jan 3, This is a digital download. Nov 2, Like method one, the first 10 results, or page, is then revealed by the performer. I wouldn’t perform them, I swear! The first effect “Big Spender” is a surreal display of influence in which the performer seemingly pays for lunch with play money with no objection from the waitress who even brings him change. If you think about how this could be achieved to yourself… OK, now think about how it could be achieved by anybody, with no knowledge with psychology at all, handing monopoly money to waitress, without setting it up with her beforehand.

This routine can be performed anywhere and at anytime. Jermay has written a total of 33 books and manuscripts on magic and magic theory, many of which are limited-release, but 4 of which have been published by magic companies and mass-circulated. As the story is repeated to others the effect will grown and grow. If you know of a past magician not listed in MagicPedia, start a New Biography for them or Email us your suggestion.


It is modern and fresh and with three methods provided you will be doing this to your friends very soon. While tellingg others that see deeper into his writings are really going to see the creative work behind Luke’s thinking when he creates a routine or effect.

In this manuscript Luke Jermay details two routines that are designed to be performed in casual settings. This can, however, be done in hermay a minute in the toilets Is it something you Chris, shall be adding to your repoiture and performing?

Luke Jermay

My friend bought it and gave it to me for my B-day. Telling Tales By Luke Jermay. Dec 24, Nobody is in-the-know but YOU. Telling Tales is a brand new ebook by Luke Jermay, and is truly a fantastic piece of work. You will find this is not typical Jermay thinking at all, and it is very clever, funny, and very fascinating.

Both can be done at the drop of the hat and are designed to make a lasting impression.